Raymond Brothers’ Tent Rental Terms & Conditions

Rental Period

Raymond Brothers’ Rental Period and Rental Pricing is based on “weekend” use, with allowed time for Delivery and Pickup, as indicated on the Rental Order agreement. The Rental Period timing will be outlined on the Rental Order under Event Day as Delivery and Pickup. Raymond Brothers reserves the right to change the Rental Period due to scheduling and extreme weather conditions.

During the Rental Period, the Renter shall permit Raymond Brothers, its employees, servants or agents at all reasonable times to enter the Tent to examine its condition and the manner in which it has been setup and the conditions under which it is being used by the Renter.


To book and secure Rental Tent(s) for the requested date, a minimum deposit of 50% of the Rental Order Total is required.


By paying the Deposit, the Terms set forth here are considered accepted. Deposits are non-refundable. A deposit can be rolled forward to a future date or new event. Government mandated shutdowns are the only exception whereby deposits may be refunded.


Rental fees are due in advance. Mastercard, Visa, Interac Debit, cash and business cheque are accepted.


Raymond Brothers agrees to obtain the necessary temporary building permit (municipal or otherwise) at a cost to the Renter for tents larger than 600 square feet, plus any additional engineering costs for tents over 2400 square feet, unless otherwise indicated. The Renter shall comply with all by-laws and regulations of the Municipal District, during the Rental Period. The Renter agrees, at their own expense to obtain all other necessary permits and licenses.

Subsurface Conditions

Prior to the commencement of erection, the Renter shall clearly identify for Raymond Brothers the location of all underground pipes, wires, sprinkler systems or other utility equipment. The Renter shall be responsible for any damages to all underground infrastructure caused by the stakes or other equipment. For their own safety, Installers have the right to refuse install if underground utilities are not clearly identified. Ontario One Call may be contacted to provide free service for buried infrastructure identification.


The Renter agrees to have the site cleared and ready for installation and the area dismantled for tent equipment removal. Raymond Brothers shall not be responsible for damage to trees, flowers or shrubs resulting from erection of the tent. If the terrain is not suitable to securely hold the type of stakes normally used for guying tents, an additional charge will be made for special posts if other equipment or weights are required.

If tents are erected on asphalt, Raymond Brothers shall fill any holes left with an asphalt patch due to pole or stake holes at the Renter’s expense.

Additional costs may be incurred, if upon delivery, the site requires excessive travel, inaccessible areas, undisclosed barriers or other conditions that prevent normal unloading/loading of equipment and tent installation.

Conditions at the Time of Erection

If in the opinion of Raymond Brothers, the weather conditions on the Delivery Date are such that there is a clear risk of damage to installation personnel or equipment during the tent erection, the Renter shall elect between postponing the erection to the following day or cancelling the Agreement, subject to payment of a cancellation charge of 30% of the Total Order Amount.

Raymond Brothers shall not be liable to the Renter for delays or non-completion of the contract caused by Acts of God, strikes, boycotts, civil insurrections or commotion, epidemics or other conditions beyond Raymond Brothers’ control.

Damage or Failure of the Equipment

In the event of damage to the equipment due to any cause what so ever, The Renter agrees to notify Raymond Brothers thereof within twelve (12) hours. Raymond Brothers shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the Renter arising from such failure, or if any claim is made against Raymond Brothers by a third party for loss or damage arising from such failure, the Renter shall indemnify and save harmless Raymond Brothers from any such claim, and the Renter shall remain liable to Raymond Brothers for all rental charges pro-rated up to the time of such failure, and if the Renter wishes Raymond Brothers to re-erect the tent for the balance of the rental term, Raymond Brothers shall do so provided the Renter pays for the cost of such additional erection work and provided Raymond Brothers has substitute equipment available if required. Unless the failure of the equipment is due to Raymond Brothers negligence, error or omission.

Raymond Brother is responsible for failures or damages to the tent equipment only when caused by Acts of God, including winds exceeding 60 kilometres an hour or by lightning, hail, snow, sleet or freezing rain. If the equipment cannot be fully and safely used, Raymond Brothers shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred by the Renter arising from such failure and the Renter shall remain liable to Raymond Brothers for all rental charges pro-rated up to the time.

The Renter is responsible for damages to all other Rental Items. See Raymond Brothers Rental Terms & Conditions.


The Renter shall take all necessary precautions to prevent loss of or damage to the equipment by vandalism, defacement, theft, arson or other unlawful behaviour in this regard; the Renter shall be responsible to make good all such loss or damage.


Raymond Brothers warrants that the equipment will be secure, safe and fully usable in winds up to 60 kilometres per hour.


Raymond Brothers does not warrant the equipment is fireproof or flame-resistant. The Renter shall not bring, keep or store any combustible material or explosives within the tent equipment. Propane heaters, space heaters and patio heaters are not recommended under the tent. If a heat source is required, an indirect fired heater that sits outside the tent and blows underneath is recommended. The Renter shall take every precaution to prevent fire, and in the event of any neglect in this regard; the Renter shall make good any damages suffered by Raymond Brothers.


The Renter shall take all necessary precautions to prevent accidents occurring as a result of persons falling over or coming into contact with the tent, including guy ropes, wires, stakes and other equipment use to support the tent, and in the event of any accident occurring in this regard, the Renter indemnifies Raymond Brothers against all claims, damages, fees and expenses in respect of such accidents from Renter’s use or misuse, including any third parties for loss, injury, and damage to persons or property arising out of the Renter’s negligence or operation including legal costs incurred in defense of such claims. Renter agrees to pay all reasonable attorney fees and court costs incurred by Raymond Brothers in enforcing these terms and conditions.

Legal Cost

In the event that it is necessary for Raymond Brothers to employ legal services to recover the equipment or collect the rental fees or any damages payable by the Renter, the Renter shall reimburse Raymond Brothers for all legal costs.


No alteration of any kind to this contract shall be binding upon Raymond Brothers, unless authorized in writing by an officer of Raymond Brothers.

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