Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about our awning and event products and services.

Tent Rentals

About Tent Rentals?

See our Tent Rental Terms & Conditions for more information.

What’s the difference between a Frame Tent, a Pole Tent, and a Canopy?

Frame Tent –Structured aluminum framed roof, no centre poles, less staking around the perimeter. Small to mid-size tents. Raymond Brothers installed on any type of surface.

Pole Tent – No frame. Sloped roof is stretched from the centre pole peaks, more perimeter poles and more staking. Larger sizes. Raymond Brothers installed on grass only.

Customer Canopy – Pole-style tent that Customers install themselves, on grass only. Instructions provided. Short-term use. 

Do you set up the tents?

Of course, we set up and take down all of our Frame Tents and Pole Tents. We also have economical Customer Canopies which you pick up and install yourself for smaller backyard parties or a shelter backup option.  

When do you install and remove a tent?

Our tent crews typically work Monday to Friday excluding holidays, with most tents usually installed the day or two before your function starts, and removed the following day. If your event is a Saturday, for example, we suggest install on Thursday (to allow time for set up, decorating, caterer access, lighting), then removal on Monday. We will ask you for the event start and end time to determine exactly the best time and sometimes an even earlier set up may occur, depending on the situation, expected weather conditions, and location.
We accommodate customers for early access usually two days prior to allow for set up, decorating and lighting.

How far do you travel for deliveries and tent installations?

Our crew travels to locations across Southwestern Ontario for deliveries and tent installations from Sarnia to Guelph, Goderich to Long Point and all locations in between. Tent rentals prices have the mileage fees calculated into the price, based on the location. Deliveries and pick ups will have additional fee added to the order based on the travel distance.

What size of tent do I need?

As a rule thumb, allot 10 sq. ft. per person for backyard, beer garden or festival use. We recommend 12 sq. ft. per person for events such as weddings, corporate openings or high-end sporting events. Increase tent size for open dance floor, food service area, bar area, head table, or additional spacing needs.   

Can I change my tent size?

Once the deposit is paid on your order, you can still change the tent size, depending on notice and availability.

I want a tent, but I don’t have the space?

There are venue options such as golf courses, private estates, parks, and country settings where tents can be installed.

Do I need a floor in my tent?

In most cases you do not have to floor a tent, especially if you have a really nice lawn of grass – why cover that up? We do however suggest a floor for dancing. Our indoor/outdoor dance floor with accessible edging is rented in sections, to accommodate any size guest count. We can provide recommendations.

I’m renting a tent, what else will I need to rent?

Our coordinators can walk you through party rental item needs. We can advise you on how many glasses you will need at your bars, what size dance floor is appropriate for your event, tent layouts, chair styles, and everything needed to make your special day run smoothly.

Do you provide decorating services for tents?

We have pole curtains, frame tent liners, and string lighting to create a sophisticated look for your event. We can also refer you to some of the professional decorators that we work with on various projects if you’re looking for something more extensive.

What about washrooms?

Portable washroom companies can supply trailer units with running hot water, flush units, sinks, mirrors, parquet floors, lighting, and everything that a hall would offer, with the same quality.

What about security of tents from vandalism or other damage?

Fortunately, we have had very few vandalism incidents over the years. It’s a very rare occurrence because most events are either in a secured location or have overnight security service. Although you are responsible for any damages caused by vandalism or unruly guests, quite often you can avoid potential damage to the rental equipment with common sense. Talk to us about your concerns and we’ll suggest what could work best.

What about permits for tents?

Temporary Building Permits are required by Ontario law, Building Code B 3.14, for installed tents over 600 sq. ft. As part of the Division Code, C., tents must be 10 ft. from property lines, buildings and streets. Tents over 2400 sq. ft. will also require a site check by our Engineer (who is familiar with our tents) to approve and stamp the tent drawing specific to the site. Each municipality or regional district has different regulations, so the requirements will vary based on where your event is taking place. Raymond Brothers handles the permit application process.

How do you securely anchor a tent?

The ideal condition to secure a tent is to stake it into the ground using 36″ long stakes. The number of stakes and the size of them will vary depending on tent size, and potential wind load. Tents may be staked into asphalt and the holes filled afterwards. Frame tents may be installed on surfaces that cannot be staked, such as paved parking lots, by using 400 lbs covered concrete blocks. Property owners are responsible for ensuring there are no underground utilities, sprinkler systems, septic systems, etc. that may affect tent installation and the safety of our crew.

About truck access to the site?

Due to the size and weight of the tents, most installations require us to drive right up next to the site to unload/load. If we do need to transport materials more than a minimal distance from the truck, and we are not notified ahead of time before our crew arrives, our company policy requires our driver to phone the office for authorization. Extra labour charges will apply.


What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, business cheque, debit and cash.

How do I pay for my order?

All rental items must be secured with a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed unless credit has been established. Full payment is required for rental orders less than two weeks away. Any remaining balance will be due the day of delivery or customer pick up. We accept Mastercard, Visa, debit and cash. 

After I pay the deposit for my rental order, can it be adjusted?

Of course! Once the deposit has been paid, changes can be made to the rental order (e.g. quantities, additional new items) until one week prior to the delivery or customer pick up date. We’ll email you the updated order which will show the newly adjusted balance.

Deposits for tents and event rentals?

Our standard policy is 50% deposit on initial reservation to secure the rental items you want to book. This acts as security for us to reserve the equipment and schedule crew, labour and trucks for what we are going to supply in a professional and orderly manner. In many cases, the project we are supplying involves a very significant commitment in terms of inventory, planning and man-hours of preparation to ensure the success of your event. If you cancel, then we have to be compensated for the time and service that we have prepared for you already and for lost opportunity for other customers.


Can I get a free, no obligation quote?

Yes, Quotes can be given by phone, email or on-site visit. All at no cost to you!

Can I see what my awning will look like before I buy it?

Of course, we offer free design renderings.  We’ll take a picture of the location, and create a realistic rendering of the awning made to match your specs.  We also have a 5000sq.ft. showroom featuring a variety of awning styles on display for you to check out!

How many styles are available?

All Raymond Brothers awnings are custom-made; therefore, the styles are endless. Base types include retractable, stationary, window, commercial, residential, backyard canopy, exterior roller shade screens, and much more.  See our gallery for some ideas or email us a picture for a free awning rendering, then the decision will be much easier to make.

Do you have a colour that will match my house/building?

Raymond Brothers has over 300 fabrics for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find your perfect match.  Ask to see one of our fabric books, you can even take it home to ensure it’s a colour you’ll love!

Where are the awnings built?

Raymond Brothers is the only awning manufacturer in London.  We are proud to be able to make your awning in the same place that you buy it.  Our skilled industrial fabricators can meet your every requirement, and keep quality at its highest.

Can I add my business logo to the awning?

Yes, depending on the material selected, your logo can be painted on, sewn on, applied with self adhesive vinyl film or if back lighting then the process is called “eradicating”.

Will I need a city permit?

In the city of London, if graphics, words or numbers are added to the awning, then a sign permit is required. Locations outside the city of London are handled on a case per case basis. Please consult a sales rep or your local municipality bylaws.

Can my awning be lit at night?

If store visibility is required after 5 PM then we would recommend the awning be lit at night. (It gets dark early in the winter.) The most efficient way of accomplishing this is to light the material from within the awning frame.

I live at a windy location, what type of awning would you recommend?

Every patio or deck location will have wind as an issue at some point or another. Therefore, we recommend a stationary type of canopy. A canopy is anchored at both the house and at the outermost projection using 2” x 2” rigid aluminium posts. This type of canopy carries a lifetime warranty against wind. Contrary to belief, a roll-up retractable awning is not suited for high wind locations, because it has to be in the retracted position during windy days, therefore rendering it unusable. 

Do you take down awnings for the winter?

Yes, for a yearly fee, we will remove your awning in the Fall, and reinstall it in the Spring when the warm weather returns.  Fee includes removal, storage, and reinstallation.

Contact Us

What are your showroom hours?

Our showroom hours are Monday to Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. Evening and extended weekend hours can be made available by appointment.

Do I need an appointment to visit your showroom?

You can visit us anytime during opening hours. To ensure dedicated time with a sales representative, an appointment time can be made.

Do you provide site inspections?

Yes! Once your order is place, we are happy to visit your site to provide measurements and make recommendations.

Event & Wedding Rentals

About Rentals?

Our rental prices are based on a ‘per weekend’ basis which means that you get the items a day or two before your event and then they’re returned the following day after your event. The rental period may vary depending on Raymond Brothers operating hours. Long term rentals will be calculated on a per customer basis. See our Rental Terms & Conditions.

How far in advance should I place my order?

If your planning a tent event, then you should confirm an order as soon as possible. This is especially true for large orders – book early, because even if your exact guest count has not been determined, adjustments can be made as needed, until a week before delivery. We have a large inventory of tents, because we build our own, but scheduling installation time is limited. Once you’ve rented the tent, you can add on sections to make it bigger if your guest list increases. Additional rental items can be added as required.

What information should I have ready when I place my order?

You will be asked to provide your name, address, and phone number, as well as deposit/payment to secure your requested rental items. For deliveries, an on-site contact name and phone number is also required. 

Am I able to make changes to my order?

Rental items can be increased, decreased, added, or reduced, as long as more than one week prior to Delivery/Customer Pick Up date is given.

About rental dishware, glassware and flatware?

Dishware, glassware and flatware (silverware) will be ready for your use, provided sterilized, wrapped, and undamaged. Our dishes and flatware rent by the dozen (12 per kit) and our glassware rents per 24, because of packaging. All these items can be returned dirty but rinsed, free of solids or liquids, with glassware upright in the boxes.  

About rental linen?

Our linen can be returned dirty. Do not pack wet/damp linen. Excessive stains or damaged linen will be subject to cleaning or replacement fees. Have a look at our table and linen rental options to see appropriate sizing.

About the Damage Waiver?

Our Damage Waiver is a non-refundable fee to cover any accidental breakage, provided a broken piece is returned in the box. Missing items will be subject to replacement fees.

Are delivery and pick up services available?

Yes, we do offer delivery and pick up ‘to the door’, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM, excluding holidays. Additional fees will be added for service outside operating hours, based on the location we are delivering to, the quantity of items rented, and any additional requirements beyond ‘to the door’. There is no charge for the option to pick up and drop off the items yourself from our warehouse.

Do you provide set up and tear down services for events?

We only provide set up and tear down services for our tents and tent accessories (lighting, pole curtains, liners, and dance floor). We do not provide services for setting up Canopies or Easy-ups which are Customer-Install rental items.

We do not provide services for table and chair placement and arrangement. This task is better suited for an event coordinator, decorator, caterer or family members & friends who can help you achieve your vision.

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